AI Saves the World: AegisAI Transforms Web3 Security Through AI-Powered Bug Detection

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AegisAI stands as a beacon of hope in the ongoing battle against cybersecurity threats.

In a recent tweet, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin highlighted the potential of AI in bolstering security measures within the blockchain space. His emphasis on AI-assisted formal verification and bug finding resonates deeply within the Web3 industry, where code vulnerabilities pose significant technical risks. MetaTrust Labs' AI security tool, AegisAI, emerges as a beacon of hope in addressing these challenges, promising to redefine security practices in the Web3 ecosystem. pic01.png

Current Security Challenges in Web3

The Web3 industry faces numerous security challenges, from smart contract vulnerabilities to exploit attacks. Coding errors in smart contracts can lead to fund loss or manipulation of DeFi protocols.

Detecting vulnerabilities in DeFi smart contracts, especially involving financial logic, remains a challenge. Tools like SciviK, DeFiRanger, and methodologies by Wang et al. offer insights but overlook nuanced financial operations like price manipulation and token operations. This oversight poses obstacles in pinpointing DeFi-specific vulnerabilities. Contemporary detection tools like symbolic execution and fuzzing face limitations in extracting DeFi-specific insights due to their general approach.

DeFi contracts' unique parameters demand advanced mutation techniques for uncovering concealed vulnerabilities. Leveraging generative AI models like ChatGPT shows promise in bridging this gap, offering advantages in aligning business scenarios with detection tool rules, albeit requiring further exploration for implementation.

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AegisAI: Empowering Web3 Security

AegisAI represents a significant leap forward in Web3 AI security, boasting several key features that empower developers and users alike:

  1. Comprehensive Security Audits: AegisAI prioritizes thorough smart contract auditing, identifying complex vulnerabilities that may have previously gone undetected.
  2. Expansion of Rule Library: With its rule library expanded to 4500 rules, AegisAI enhances vulnerability detection capabilities, providing developers with more customization options.
  3. Achievements in Bounty Challenges: AegisAI has demonstrated outstanding performance in recent bounty hunter challenges, earning bounties and industry recognition.
  4. Improvement in Audit Effectiveness: AegisAI has made significant strides in audit effectiveness, reducing the time and resources required to address security vulnerabilities.
  5. Integration of Advanced Machine Learning Techniques: AegisAI combines machine learning algorithms to adapt to new security threats and improve detection accuracy continuously. pic03.png

AegisAI Bug Findings from DeFi Project

AegisAI's practical application is evident in bug findings from a DeFi platform. To illustrate AegisAI's capabilities, let's delve into specific examples of bug findings.

  1. Vulnerability in ArrakisMath.pairTokensAndValue function

Application rule "Correct decimal processing errors in the square root price ratio calculation in the liquidity pool." This is because incorrect decimal processing can result in inaccurate price ratio calculations, which in turn affect other calculations that rely on this value.

The flaw discovered: The function did not properly handle token decimals when calculating the square root price ratio in the liquidity pool, causing the price of some token pairs to be overvalued.

Audit results: The audit confirmed the existence of this vulnerability.

Project feedback: The project acknowledges the problem and adds relevant reminders to the code comments. While this is a good reminder of needing to use a TWAP for on-chain calculations. Through its meticulous analysis and cutting-edge technology, AegisAI empowers developers to enhance the security and integrity of their Web3 applications. These real-world examples underscore the critical role of AI-powered security solutions in safeguarding decentralized systems against emerging threats.

  1. SoulZap_UniV2 Vulnerabilities in _zap Function

Application rule: "Improve the token amount calculation mechanism when adding liquidity to the pool." This is to prevent users from inadvertently donating too many tokens to the liquidity pool due to inaccurate token amount calculation.

Exploited loopholes: When adding liquidity, the token amount was inaccurately calculated, potentially causing users to inadvertently donate too many tokens to the liquidity pool.

Audit results: The audit confirmed the existence of this vulnerability.

Project feedback: The project acknowledges this finding and states that due to current limitations, no updates will be available in this version. Acknowledged, This is a great find. Thanks for reporting. Due to our current limitations we won't be providing an update for this in this version.

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AegisAI: Pioneering Web3 Security with AI Innovation

As the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, AegisAI stands as a beacon of hope in the ongoing battle against cybersecurity threats. By harnessing the power of AI, AegisAI not only identifies vulnerabilities but also empowers developers and users to navigate the decentralized landscape with confidence. With its comprehensive auditing capabilities and integration of advanced machine learning techniques, AegisAI sets a new standard for Web3 security, offering promising solutions to mitigate emerging threats.

With AegisAI leading the charge, we anticipate further advancements in Web3 security. The emergence of secure AI agents and agent marketplaces holds the promise of a more robust and dynamic cybersecurity landscape. By embracing these innovations, we are poised to create a safer and more inclusive digital environment for all participants in the Web3 ecosystem. As we look ahead, let us remain optimistic about the transformative potential of AI-powered solutions in safeguarding decentralized systems and ensuring the trust and security of users worldwide.

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