Gear Up for Glory! Registration Now Open for the 2023 MetaTrust Web3 CTF Security Competition

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


Time to build your team and start an adventure in security!

Registration for the long-awaited MetaTrust Web3 CTF Security Competition officially opened today!

This is a Web3 CTF security competition organized by MetaTrust Labs and co-sponsored by Polygon Labs, Amber Group, GoPlus, BugRap, BingX, Bewater, and moledao, aiming to enable more Web3 security personnel and developers to compete in all-around Security Challenge and Vulnerability Mining Competition. Participating in the contest, you will have the opportunity to compete with the best people from all over the world and win great prizes by solving a series of puzzles involving the underlying structure of blockchain and smart contract security vulnerabilities!

Registration Period

Aug 25 10:00:00am - Sep 14 10:00:00pm GMT+8

Registration Platform

Enter through the link below, click [Join/Create Team] to enter the registration page. Time to come and build your CTF team! pic.png

CTF Competition Time

Sep 13 10:00:00am - Sep 15 10:00:00am, GMT+8, 48H in total.

Competition Rules

  1. Competition Format Jeopardy style, with each challenge containing one or more flags that participants must discover and submit.
  2. Platform The competition will be hosted online using the ctfd.

Competition Prizes

  • The prize pool is $10,000, and the top 3 winning teams will receive prizes of $5,000, $3,500, and $1,500 respectively.
  • The top 30 teams will receive a RPC gift package provided by BlockPi, worths of $49 each.
  • All participants can get commemorative POAP airdrop benefits based on PolygonID.


We welcome participation from the following professionals:

  • Security Researchers
  • Smart Contract Developers
  • Smart Contract Auditors
  • White-Hat Hackers
  • Participants can join as teams of up to five members, with each team allowed only one account.

Judging Criteria

  1. The challenges will focus on analyzing smart contract code, identifying vulnerabilities, and capturing flags.
  2. Each solved challenge will yield a specific number of points. Team rankings will be determined based on the total score.
  3. In case of a tie, rankings will be decided by the time of the last correct submission.
  4. The points for each challenge will be dynamically adjusted based on the number of teams that successfully solve it.

The competition has a generous prize fund, providing an excellent platform for all kinds of experts to exchange and display their skills. As long as you are passionate about blockchain and Web3 security, you can challenge yourself and stand out in this CTF security challenge! Sign up now and start an adventure in security!


About CTF Co-Hosts

Polygon Labs

Polygon Labs began with outrageously ambitious builders from diverse backgrounds with the grit, tenacity, and belief in the ability of a small organization to collaborate with the community to provide impactful change.

Website: Twitter: @0xPolygonLabs

Amber Group

Amber Group is a leading digital asset company operating around the clock and around the globe. We provide a full range of digital asset services spanning investing, financing, and trading, servicing over 1,000 institutional clients and a growing number of individual investors worldwide.

Website: Twitter: @ambergroup_io


BeWater is the ultimate builder community based on the SOP management system we built for open innovation campaigns including hackathon, design contest, demo day and more. It serves cutting-edge fields and also connects traditional industries. BeWater engages builders with different skill sets to build a better future together.

Website: Twitter: @bewaterofficial

GoPlus Security

GoPlus is working as the "security infrastructure" for web3 by providing open, permissionless, user-driven security services. GoPlus is building on the security data infrastructure and security service platform, making a safer web3 Ecosystem.

Website: Twitter: @GoplusSecurity


BugRap was established in 2022 in Singapore. Its team members are senior web3 and cyber security experts with yearly experience in the security industry. Our goal is to let more WhiteHat Hackers in the Web2 world join the Web3 sector and protect the security of the Web3 world together.

Website: Twitter: @BugRap_Team


Moledao is a social platform for all blockchain enthusiasts to learn, grow and contribute to build more innovative ideas.

Website: Twitter: @moledao_io


Founded in 2018, BingX is a leading crypto exchange that offers spot, derivatives, copy trading, and grid trading services to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide with over 5 million users. With user trust and platform transparency as the top priority, BingX continues to connect users with expert traders and the platform in a safe, leading, and innovative way.

Website: Twitter: @BingXOfficial

About CTF Strategic Partners

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products.

Website: Twitter: @googlecloud


ABCDE is an 400mm fund investing in web3 builders co-founded by Huobi co-founder Du Jun and former Internet&crypto founder BMAN.

Website: Twitter: @ABCDELabs

C² Ventures

C² Ventures takes a chain-agnostic approach, making early-stage investments across all major layer 1 and layer 2 ecosystems. We focus on empowering builders with the capital and operational expertise to build and scale the next generation of Web3 and Metaverse applications.

Website: Twitter: @CsquaredVC

Bing Ventures

Bing Ventures is a pioneering VC firm that backs startups and entrepreneurs driving the next wave of Web3 and blockchain innovations.

Website: Twitter: @BingVentures

Eleos Labs

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Seattle, Eleos Labs comprises an award-winning team of cybersecurity experts passionate about safeguarding our digital future.

Website: Twitter: @protectmywallet

About Us

At MetaTrust, our primary focus is on creating a secure infrastructure that caters to the needs of developers in the WEB 3.0 space. We offer an array of AI-Driven automation tools and security services to assist Web3 developers and project stakeholders in achieving a secure development environment.

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