MetaTrust, Hamster, and ChainIDE Pioneer the Future of Web3 Security at NTU-Scantist DevSecOps Course

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


The NTU-Scantist DevSecOps course emerges as a cornerstone for Compliance Teams, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers/Testers, offering a comprehensive and hands-on approach to fortify web3 security.

In a resounding success, MetaTrust Labs, Hamster, and ChainIDE have recently concluded their roles in the NTU-Scantist DevSecOps Professional & Tools course, a groundbreaking collaboration with the Cyber Security Research Centre at Nanyang Technological University. Here, we present an enhanced exploration of this milestone, emphasizing its global significance, expert insights, and real-world impact.

Decoding NTU-Scantist DevSecOps

The NTU-Scantist DevSecOps course caters to a diverse audience, including compliance teams, DevOps engineers, software engineers, and testers transitioning to or already entrenched in DevOps environments. Its goal is to empower participants with a profound understanding of DevSecOps processes and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art tools essential for securing software development in the evolving web3 landscape.

This transformative NTU-Scantist DevSecOps course transcends mere skill acquisition; it positions participants as global agents of change in the rapidly evolving web3 landscape. With a keen focus on global relevance, the course equips diverse professionals to address challenges on an international scale, ensuring they are adept at navigating the intricate web3 terrain worldwide. Moreover, industry experts from MetaTrust, Hamster, and ChainIDE weigh in, providing valuable insights on the course's significance in addressing current trends and challenges in the global web3 sector.

Perspective Towards Web3 Security

MetaTrust Labs: Web3 Risks Landscape & Web3 Security

MetaTrust Labs' comprehensive exploration of the Web3 Risks Landscape gains additional depth with real-world examples, offering participants a global perspective on the unique challenges and vulnerabilities associated with decentralized technologies. meta.png

ChainIDE: Securing Blockchain Infrastructure & AI Coding

ChainIDE's lectures, covering foundational blockchain principles, infrastructure security strategies, and Dapp security practices with AI-assisted coding, are positioned as crucial skills for professionals navigating the intricate web3 terrain worldwide. ide.png

Hamster: Blockchain Dapp Deployment & Dapp Security Practice-Middleware

Hamster's contribution to practical aspects of deploying blockchain Dapps and securing them through middleware takes on a global context, emphasizing the universal importance of securing decentralized applications. ham.png

Dive into DevSecOps for Interactive Insights

DevSecOps is essential in web3, ensuring security aligns with the decentralized nature of technologies like blockchain. It safeguards immutable smart contracts, vital for decentralized applications (DApps), and enhances trust through continuous monitoring. As web3 involves cryptocurrencies and DeFi, DevSecOps protects against financial losses and addresses emerging security challenges. It ensures compliance, user privacy, and the integrity of blockchain networks. DevSecOps is a proactive approach crucial for fortifying web3 against evolving threats, building trust, and preserving the integrity of transactions and data.

The NTU-Scantist DevSecOps course emerges as a cornerstone for Compliance Teams, DevOps Engineers, and Software Engineers/Testers, offering a comprehensive and hands-on approach to fortify web3 security. From strategic risk management to seamless DevOps integration and practical implementation of cutting-edge tools, graduates emerge as leaders, adept at automating security measures. This transformative course not only equips professionals with crucial skills but also fosters a collaborative culture, ensuring compliance, resilience against evolving threats, and the consistent delivery of secure, reliable software in the dynamic landscape of web3.

About ChainIDE

ChainIDE is a cloud-based IDE for creating decentralized applications to deploy on blockchains. It fasts the development cycle and has pre-installed plugins that save users time and effort, providing a complete and ready-to-use environment for innovative contract development and detailed documentation for learning purposes.


Twitter: @ChainIde

About Hamster

The Hamster platform provides an automated blockchain development environment, middleware engines, and multi-language development templates to support cross-language, cross-chain development and lower barriers to entry.


Twitter: @Hamsternetio

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At MetaTrust, our primary focus is on creating a secure infrastructure that caters to the needs of developers in the WEB 3.0 space. We offer an array of AI-Driven automation tools and security services to assist Web3 developers and project stakeholders in achieving a secure development environment.

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