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AI Saves the World: The Rise of PropertyGPT in Smart Contract Security

Discover how PropertyGPT are revolutionizing smart contract verification, fortifying blockchain ecosystems for a resilient future.

MetaTrust Labs
1 day ago

Friendly Summary of "SolSEE: A Source-Level Symbolic Execution Engine for Solidity"

The founding team of MetaTrust has conducted research and published a paper to introduces SolSEE. What's SolSEE All About?

MetaTrust Labs
24 days ago

Uniswap V4 Mainnet Preview - Part 1: Uniswap V4 Overview

MetaTrust Labs has launched a series of articles on Uniswap V4 to explain Uniswap V4 features, contract implementation, potential security risks, and other topics for readers.

Daniel Tan
about 1 month ago

Is token trading still secure? Centralization Risks in OnchainTrade Smart Contract

We've checked Onchain Trade's smart contract and found out there are potential vulnerabilities and centralization risks on token staking, rewarding and trading.

MetaTrust Labs
8 months ago