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Unraveling the $UN Attack: A Flash Loan Exploits Flaw in Token Contract

$UN on BSC was attacked by the flash loan with a loss of $26,000

Daniel Tan
11 months ago

Deep Security Analysis of the ASKACR attack

On March 21, 2023, at 01:39:47 PM +UTC, the attacker(0xb189943) created and manipulated many new contracts, which gained ASKACR tokens from the ASKACR contract itself. Finally, the attacker gained 28,633 BSC-USD from the attack.

Daniel Tan
about 1 year ago

Security Analysis of BRA Flash loan attack

This blog post analyzes the BRA flash loan attack, which involved a series of transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. The attacker used a flash loan to borrow 1000 WBNB, which was then used to purchase and sell BRA tokens, resulting in an increase in circulation and a profit of approximately $310,000. The post also suggests using MetaTrust's Prover engine to troubleshoot ERC20 tokens for vulnerabilities and provides tips for preventing similar attacks.

over 1 year ago