Uniswap V4 Mainnet Preview - Part 2: Chapter of Hooks

This is the Hooks chapter of the Uniswap V4 series, which analyses Hooks contracts from the perspectives of their implementation principles and interaction flow.

Daniel Tan
1 day ago

Those Solutions on Scalability in BTC Ecosystem (1): Inscriptions, Where to Go?

On December 6, 2023, while Bitcoin investors were celebrating the surge brought by Inscriptions, Luke Dashjr, the developer of the Bitcoin Core node client, poured cold water on the excitement.

about 1 month ago

Deep Security Analysis of the ASKACR attack

On March 21, 2023, at 01:39:47 PM +UTC, the attacker(0xb189943) created and manipulated many new contracts, which gained ASKACR tokens from the ASKACR contract itself. Finally, the attacker gained 28,633 BSC-USD from the attack.

Daniel Tan
11 months ago

DevSecOps & Web3 Security — All you Need to Know

This post discusses the security challenges in the Web3 era and how the DevSecOps approach can be adopted to improve the security of the Web3 ecosystem. It emphasizes the importance of incorporating security analysis into the development process and introduces MetaTrust's tools and services for secure software development, including the world's first secure package manager for secure open-source development, an automatic security auditing tool for smart contracts, 24/7 runtime security monitoring, and a comprehensive security and risk score. By using these tools, developers can build a more secure and prosperous Web3 ecosystem.

Xue Bing
12 months ago