Enhancing AI Reliability: AI Lab Led by MetaTrust Labs CEO Receives S$4 Million in AI Singapore's Grand Challenge

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The funding was granted through the esteemed Robust AI Grand Challenge and the AI for Materials Discovery Grand Challenge.

AI Singapore made a groundbreaking announcement on July 26th, pledging a substantial sum of up to S$20 million in research funding to support five interdisciplinary teams, including the AI Lab spearheaded by Professor Liu Yang, CEO of MetaTrust Labs. This funding was granted through the esteemed Robust AI Grand Challenge and the AI for Materials Discovery Grand Challenge.

The grant award ceremony, held on the same day, saw Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr. Heng Chee How, presenting the grants to the five exceptional teams. During his speech, Mr. Heng Chee How highlighted the rising concern of trust issues in the advent of artificial intelligence, citing examples like the safe navigation of self-driving cars. He also emphasized the Ministry of Defence's unwavering commitment to increase investment in AI to support Singapore's defence and national requirements. pt.png MetaTrust Labs CEO Liu Yang explains the program to Singapore's Senior Minister of State for Defence, Mr. Heng Chee How.

The inception of the two grand challenge events was a joint effort between AI Singapore, the Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD) of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Defence, and DSO National Laboratories. After careful consideration and scrutiny of 16 competing teams, five outstanding teams emerged victorious, each securing S$4 million in research funding for the next three years. Their mission is to tackle the challenges arising from the ever-increasing prevalence of AI in emerging applications and develop technologies that can be effectively deployed in Singapore's public and private sectors.

Among the recipients of the prestigious research funding under the Robust AI Grand Challenge is the AI Lab, led by the accomplished Professor Liu Yang of MetaTrust Labs. The AI Lab focuses on the critical aspects of physically countering and enhancing self-driving perception in various scenarios. Drawing on their expertise in AI security, the research team conducted a thorough evaluation of adversarial samples of different technologies in real-world settings and innovatively designed a dynamic defense framework. By introducing noise to a "stop" sign and generating adversarial samples, the self-driving cars' ability to correctly identify it was disrupted. The defense framework, developed by Professor Liu Yang's team, is poised to bolster public trust and acceptance of self-driving technology, laying the groundwork for its widespread implementation in Singapore's public and private sectors.

Delighted with the recognition from AI Singapore, Professor Liu Yang expressed his honor at receiving the funding. He acknowledged that the grant signifies an acknowledgment of his team's exceptional research accomplishments and contributions in the field of AI security. The team at MetaTrust Labs believes that their research project will offer an innovative and practical solution for the self-driving industry, enhancing the robustness and credibility of AI systems while enhancing convenience and safety for Singapore society.

Professor Liu Yang leads the esteemed AI Lab, a bastion of artificial intelligence security and credibility, and is wholly committed to providing clients with cutting-edge AI solutions and services. As a distinguished partner of AI Singapore, they are fully invested in collaborating with Singapore's government, academia, and industry to advance the development and application of artificial intelligence.

AI Singapore's generous funding support for the five interdisciplinary teams, including the AI Lab helmed by Professor Liu Yang, represents a significant stride towards addressing trust issues and advancing AI technology in Singapore. With this financial boost, the teams are set to forge innovative paths, enriching the landscape of AI applications and ensuring Singapore remains at the forefront of AI research and implementation.

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