Secure and Ready: MetaTrust Labs Confirms Robust Security of in Comprehensive Audit

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs

Summary has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit conducted by MetaTrust Labs

The all-in-one DeFi platform has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit conducted by MetaTrust Labs. The audit validated the reliability, functionality and security of's smart contract code.'s overarching mission is to solve the complexity and obscurity of DeFi’s current protocols, which remain obstacles for everyday users. By offering a new path forward, introduces user-centric innovations for scalable crypto finance by bridging the best of TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi.

In their pursuit of excellence, collaborated with MetaTrust Labs, a leading blockchain auditing firm renowned for their rigorous evaluation of DeFi protocols. The audit, an exhaustive process spanning three weeks, covered critical aspects such as protocol logic, vulnerability assessment, adherence to specifications, and best practices.

According to's founder Flex, "Passing MetaTrust's stringent audit is a testament to the top-notch security standards we have adhered to when building We are thrilled to have their stamp of approval as it validates the trustworthiness and safety of our platform."

MetaTrust Labs commended for its well-structured architecture and implementation. "We found no critical or high severity issues during our audit. The team demonstrated strong security knowledge and their system is surely designed to high standards," said Daniel, senior auditor at MetaTrust Labs.

With the audit, is poised to deliver essential financial tools and services to populations that lack access to traditional financial services. "This successful security review marks a major milestone for We now look forward to expanding financial inclusion and changing lives around the world," added Flex.

Going forward, plans to continue working with MetaTrust Labs to ensure the security of its platform as new features roll out. The teams of both parties will also continue to pay attention to security issues and contribute to the security development of the Web3 industry.

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At MetaTrust, our primary focus is on creating a secure infrastructure that caters to the needs of developers in the WEB 3.0 space. We offer an array of AI-Driven automation tools and security services to assist Web3 developers and project stakeholders in achieving a secure development environment.

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