Igniting the Innovation: MetaTrust Labs Empowers MAP Protocol Hackathon with Security Expertise and Grant Sponsorship

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


Proud to provide security expertise and funding to empower developers building on MAP Protocol. Igniting innovation while prioritizing trust and safety.


The MAPO Hackathon 2023 Demo Day, held in Seoul on May 31st, has officially commenced, and MetaTrust Labs, as one of the co-sponsors, attended this grand event.

At the MAP Protocol Hackathon, TY, the Chief Marketing Officer of MetaTrust Labs, delivered a keynote speech on Web3 security. As a security partner of MAP Protocol, MetaTrust provided financial support of at least $10,000 for the winning projects of the hackathon. As a security team with a background from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, MetaTrust Labs possesses strong technical capabilities and extensive security experience.

The collaboration between MetaTrust Labs and MAP Protocol aims to provide comprehensive security support and audit services. Firstly, MetaTrust ensures that projects and protocols within the MAP ecosystem meet security standards by providing audit and security support. Secondly, MetaTrust Labs offers validator node support and conducts full-chain security monitoring to ensure the security of the entire network and the MAPO relay chain, enabling timely detection and handling of potential risks.

In terms of cross-chain transactions, MetaTrust Labs cooperates with MAP Protocol to provide blacklist and whitelist support, ensuring the secure transfer of assets across different chains. Additionally, when tokens are being transferred across chains, MetaTrust Labs’ MetaScan instant scanning feature and MetaScout monitoring tool ensure the security of transactions and contract execution.

In addition to security assurance, MetaTrust will integrate the MetaScan smart contract scanning tool and MetaScout automated security monitoring tool into MAP Protocol’s development toolkit. These tools will provide developers with a more comprehensive security solution, enabling them to identify and address potential security issues, thereby enhancing the overall security and reliability of the ecosystem.

Through the collaboration with MAP Protocol, MetaTrust Labs is dedicated to driving the development of security technology in the blockchain field. They will continue to contribute to the security and trustworthiness of the ecosystem and cooperate with more blockchain projects to jointly build a secure and reliable blockchain future.

If you require further information regarding the collaboration between MetaTrust Labs and MAP Protocol or wish to interview representatives from MetaTrust, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to further co-building a more secure Web3 ecosystem with you.

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