The First in The Industry, MetaTrust Labs’Open-Source AI Engine Revolutionizes Security



MetaScan v1.6: Unparalleled Visibility and AI Security for Smart Contracts

MetaTrust Labs recently released MetaScan v1.6 with integration of AI Analyzer engine and MetaStack framework to enhance smart contract security analysis.


MetaTrust's AI Scan Engine: Harnessing the Power of GPT and Static Analysis

MetaTrust Labs has developed an innovative GPT-based auditing engine, specifically designed to analyze logic smart contract vulnerabilities that were previously deemed un-auditable by machines


Igniting the Innovation: MetaTrust Labs Empowers MAP Protocol Hackathon with Security Expertise and Grant Sponsorship

Proud to provide security expertise and funding to empower developers building on MAP Protocol. Igniting innovation while prioritizing trust and safety.


Mathematically-Proven: Uniswap V3's Formal Verification by MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs has successfully completed the first formal verification of Uniswap V3 Swap protocol in response to a request from Xcalibyte. The rigorous analysis of Uniswap's source code and mathematical proof demonstrate that it correctly implements the financial model described in the Uniswap V3 whitepaper. MetaTrust Labs used an innovative analysis tool to verify the complex code and model, setting a new standard for transparency and reliability in blockchain software. This achievement highlights the value of custom verification tools in auditing DeFi systems and will likely lead to increased trust and adoption of the Uniswap platform.


MetaTrust Labs X Shib Original Vision: Drive Inclusion and AI Security in DeFi

MetaTrust Labs reached partnership with Shib Original Vision, aiming to boost mainstream understanding and participation in DeFi through community building, platform integration, and smart contract auditing services.