MetaTrust Labs X Shib Original Vision: Drive Inclusion and AI Security in DeFi

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


MetaTrust Labs reached partnership with Shib Original Vision, aiming to boost mainstream understanding and participation in DeFi through community building, platform integration, and smart contract auditing services.

MetaTrust Labs, a web3 AI security solution service provider firm focused on decentralized finance (DeFi) and web3 infrastructure, announced a strategic collaboration with Shib Original Vision, a community of equal opportunity to promote the original vision of decentralized cryptocurrencies. The partnership aims to boost mainstream understanding and participation in DeFi through community building, platform integration, and smart contract auditing services.


MetaTrust Labs has a proven track record of incubating and accelerating top DeFi and web3 projects, as well as providing AI audit services for decentralized protocols. They offer fast, accurate, and cost-efficient solutions through every stage of the software development lifecycle to help builders develop secure Web3 applications with ease.

Shib Original Vision, on the other hand, was established to continue the core values of inclusiveness, decentralization and shared empowerment initially promoted by SHIB.

Their vision is to spread knowledge regarding decentralized currencies, privacy, finance and other Web 3.0 technologies through inspiring content targeted at mainstream audiences.This collaboration brings together MetaTrust Labs’ DeFi and web3 experience with Shib Original Vision’s token equality orientation. Both teams see an opportunity to expand mainstream access to decentralized finance through community building and platform integrations. The partnership focuses on 2 key points:

  1. Smart Contract Audit

MetaTrust to provide audit services for Shib Original Vision’s protocol and applications. This security measure will help safeguard users and provide peace of mind for those interacting with Shib Original Vision’s platforms.

  1. Platform Collaboration

MetaTrust and Shib Original Vision to explore ways to directly link their platforms, providing new utility and access avenues for user engagement across ecosystems. This may include promotion of Shib Original Vision’s updates within MetaTrust’s community and events.

“We believe this collaboration with Shib Original Vision will significantly contribute to mainstream understanding and adoption of AI secruity solutions. By providing smart contract audit services and platform integrations, we can onboard more people into decentralized finance in an inclusive and secure way,” says Yang Liu, CEO of MetaTrust Labs.

“This partnership helps progress our shared goal of empowering people through decentralized knowledge, technologies, and enhanced AI security practices.” says an anonymous representative of Shib Original Vision.

With this collaboration, MetaTrust Labs and Shib Original Vision have pioneered an important effort to expand mainstream DeFi participation. Their combined expertise and community reach represent a significant win for driving inclusiveness, security, and adoption of decentralized economies worldwide. Overall, this partnership signifies a milestone in cultivating an informed and empowered community.

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