MetaScan v1.6: Unparalleled Visibility and AI Security for Smart Contracts

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


MetaTrust Labs recently released MetaScan v1.6 with integration of AI Analyzer engine and MetaStack framework to enhance smart contract security analysis.

MetaTrust Labs recently released MetaScan v1.6 with integration of AI Analyzer engine and MetaStack framework to enhance smart contract security analysis. These improvements provide web3 builders with unparalleled visibility and recommendations to strengthen their projects. Here are details about the update.

Feature Highlights

AI Analyzer Engine

We have developed an innovative AI-based auditing engine for smart contracts. Unlike other companies relying solely on GPT models which often generate many false positives, MetaTrust's engine combines GPT and static analysis. While GPT excels at recognizing code properties, it struggles with dependency analysis. Static analysis provides accurate dependency analysis but lacks GPT's code understanding.

MetaTrust's hybrid engine leverages both techniques. Details will be released in an academic paper. The engine is integrated into MetaTrust's MetaScan service.

The engine analyzes logic vulnerabilities previously unauditable by machines according to a ICSE'23 Web3 bugs paper. In tests on Web3 bugs contracts, the engine identified vulnerabilities that enabled disruption of share minting and a past hack. The engine continues to improve to provide the best results.

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MetaStack Integration

MetaScan's initial integration with the MetaStack framework provides greater visibility into the project's source code architecture.

Leveraging this integration, IP Analyzer tools can now identify and understand powerful smart contract libraries and patterns that a project leverages, and how they are used by initiatives. This data is important for building an overall picture of the project's capabilities and interdependencies. By reviewing this information, MetaScan can make recommendations to optimize the security state of the project, such as recommending alternative libraries or best practices for using templates. determined.


This integration is an important step forward in giving builders the tools they need to design more secure Web3 projects. These innovations demonstrate MetaScan's commitment to providing the most comprehensive security scanning solutions for Web3 projects and its commitment to harnessing the most advanced technology to achieve this goal.

With the release of MetaScan v1.6, MetaTrust Labs continues its mission to provide web3 developers with best-in-class security solutions. By integrating its proprietary AI auditing engine and MetaStack framework into MetaScan, MetaTrust offers unparalleled analysis of smart contract risks and architecture. These enhancements give builders actionable recommendations and visibility to strengthen their projects' security.

Through constant innovation, MetaTrust Labs delivers cutting-edge technology and insights web3 developers can trust. We invite you to experience the power of MetaScan v1.6 by signing up for a free trial at

This is a major milestone for us, and we will continue enhancing MetaScan by integrating new proprietary technology to provide the most comprehensive, developer-focused smart contract security platform.

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At MetaTrust, our primary focus is on creating a secure infrastructure that caters to the needs of developers in the WEB 3.0 space. We offer an array of AI-Driven automation tools and security services to assist Web3 developers and project stakeholders in achieving a secure development environment.

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