The First in The Industry, MetaTrust Labs’Open-Source AI Engine Revolutionizes Security



MetaScan Version 1.4 Launches with AI Integration, Paving the Way for Enhanced Security Insights

MetaScan version 1.4.0 releases a host of new features and improvements. It now leverages cutting-edge AI technology to offer users an extensive range of security insights. MetaScan is designed to automatically identify potential vulnerabilities in the smart contract code before any harm is done. The integration of AI further enhances the this ability by offering contextual description of the vulnerabilities, detailed remediations and even PoC code snippets.


MetaTrust Labs Announces Strategic Partnership with BingX

MetaTrust Labs is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with BingX . This partnership aims to provide high-quality security audits and operation , as well as comprehensive security and compliance solutions in the global Web3 industry.


Metatrust Collaborates with ChainIDE to Strengthen Blockchain Security Protection

Metatrust, a blockchain security solution provider, has partnered with ChainIDE, a cloud-based multi-chain IDE platform, to enhance blockchain security protection. Metatrust's tools will be integrated into ChainIDE through API connections, providing full-chain security information prompts to prevent security issues. The partnership will also include education courses and developer community joint activities to improve blockchain security knowledge and skills. The collaboration aims to promote the development of blockchain technology and enhance the security protection capabilities of the industry.


MetaTrust Labs has successfully raised around $10 million in seed round, leading Web3 security innovation with automated security audit tools

Recently, Web3 security solution provider MetaTrust Labs (hereinafter referred to as “MetaTrust”) announced that raised nearly 10 million US dollar in seed round, quickly broke into blockchain security and stood out.