Metatrust Collaborates with ChainIDE to Strengthen Blockchain Security Protection

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


Metatrust, a blockchain security solution provider, has partnered with ChainIDE, a cloud-based multi-chain IDE platform, to enhance blockchain security protection. Metatrust's tools will be integrated into ChainIDE through API connections, providing full-chain security information prompts to prevent security issues. The partnership will also include education courses and developer community joint activities to improve blockchain security knowledge and skills. The collaboration aims to promote the development of blockchain technology and enhance the security protection capabilities of the industry.

Blockchain security solution leader Metatrust announced a strategic partnership with ChainIDE, the officially recommended IDE platform for Ethereum, to strengthen blockchain security protection. This collaboration will enhance ChainIDE’s cloud-based security auditing capabilities, providing developers with more reliable and convenient services.

As part of the partnership, Metatrust’s tools will be integrated into ChainIDE through API connections, providing full-chain security information prompts to effectively prevent security issues such as vulnerability attacks and data leaks.

Metatrust will also collaborate with ChainIDE to hold Education courses and Developer Community joint activities, teaching developers about blockchain security knowledge and skills to improve security awareness.

The collaboration between Metatrust and ChainIDE will enhance the security protection capabilities of the blockchain industry, providing more reliable services and a more comprehensive and efficient development experience, while promoting the development of blockchain technology.

About Metatrust

MetaTrust Labs focuses on Web3 security solutions and implements the best practices of DevSecOps in Web3 through long-term research investment and forward-looking product development. With automated security toolchains and intelligent code audit services, security and compliance are brought forward into the development lifecycle, conducting in-depth security scans and dynamic protection in all aspects, accurate, efficient, and user-friendly, and continuously providing security empowerment for developers and project teams. At the same time, the MetaTrust security team is committed to promoting the security construction of the entire open source and blockchain industry, providing high-standard technical references for the healthy development of the Web3 sector, and creating a secure collaborative ecosystem of co-governance, win-win, and sharing.

About ChainIDE

ChainIDE is a cloud-based multi-chain IDE platform that supports dApp full-stack development, providing blockchain developers with development, testing, and deployment for intelligent contracts and dApp front-end and back-end. ChainIDE supports 11 mainstream public chains and is included and recommended as an official development environment by Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and others. ChainIDE’s goal is to provide developers with an efficient and secure development environment, unleashing the potential of blockchain technology.

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