MetaTrust Labs Partners with MUFEX to Enhance Web3 Security and Trading Experience

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


MetaTrust Labs successfully completed the smart contract audit for MUFEX and established strategic partnership.

MetaTrust Labs successfully completed the smart contract audit for MUFEX and established strategic partnership.

MetaTrust Labs, a leading provider of Web3 AI security solutions, has recently concluded a comprehensive smart contract audit for MUFEX, an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX). This milestone has also paved the way for a strategic cooperation between MetaTrust Labs and MUFEX, aiming to deliver a heightened level of security and an enhanced trading experience for blockchain users.

The world is witnessing the rapid transformation brought about by blockchain technology. However, with this progress comes an escalating array of security threats. To tackle this challenge head-on, MetaTrust Labs and MUFEX have joined forces, capitalizing on their expertise and resources in Web3 security and DEX domains. Together, they aim to provide comprehensive solutions for the blockchain ecosystem.

MetaTrust Labs, renowned for its leadership in Web3 AI security, boasts a team of experts with extensive experience in the field. The company offers three security products: MetaScan, MetaScout, and MetaScore, designed to safeguard Web3 projects at both the application and physical layers. MetaScan is an automated smart contract security scanning tool that identifies potential vulnerabilities and provides repair suggestions. MetaScout is a real-time on-chain threat monitoring and defense tool, capable of detecting and blocking hacker attacks on Web3 projects. Lastly, MetaScore is a comprehensive Web3 application security assessment and ranking tool that furnishes users with trustworthy security indicators.

MUFEX, situated at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry, is an innovative DEX that boasts several notable advantages. Notably, MUFEX's MLP liquidity pool significantly reduces slippage, offering precise and unparalleled trading opportunities. This cutting-edge feature enhances the overall trading experience, ensuring seamless execution and improving market efficiency—all with a commitment to delivering an excellent user experience. In addition to its technical prowess, MUFEX places great importance on exceptional customer service. The team consists of nearly 30 experienced entrepreneurs from well-known exchanges such as Binance, Bybit, Huobi, and MEXC. They possess the ability to redefine user engagement and unlock the limitless possibilities within the cryptocurrency industry.

MetaTrust Labs' professional team conducted an in-depth analysis and testing of MUFEX's smart contract code. Utilizing AI scanning technology and manual audit methods, they comprehensively evaluated and optimized the smart contract from multiple dimensions, including logic, function, security, and performance. The aim was to ensure that MUFEX's smart contract adhered to the highest security standards. As a result, the two parties decided to establish a long-term strategic cooperation relationship in the realm of Web3 security protection, thereby promoting the development of blockchain security and innovation.

Expressing his delight, Daniel, MetaTrust Labs' senior security officer, said, "We are delighted to cooperate with MUFEX and provide them with professional smart contract audit service. We believe that MUFEX is an innovative and forward-looking DEX with strong technical strength and an excellent team. We look forward to maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship with them and jointly providing more secure and reliable solutions for the Web3 ecosystem."

DY, MUFEX's marketing director, also expressed excitement about the deepened cooperation, stating, "We are very grateful to MetaTrust Labs for providing us with high-quality smart contract audit service. They are leaders in the Web3 security field, possessing rich experience and professional technology. They not only helped us discover and fix potential vulnerabilities but also provided us with valuable suggestions and feedback. We believe that our cooperation will foster greater trust and support."

MUFEX is thrilled to announce the Mainnet Beta launch, ushering in a new era of seamless and secure cryptocurrency trading. This beta phase offers privileged users an exclusive chance to experience MUFEX's cutting-edge platform. With the official Mainnet launch approaching, MUFEX is set to revolutionize cryptocurrency engagement with advanced features, enhanced security, and an exceptional trading experience.


MUFEX is a groundbreaking decentralized perpetual trading exchange committed to delivering an excellent user experience. Through the use of ZKP technology, MUFEX ensures user privacy and asset security while enhancing overall trading performance and experience. Leveraging smart contract wallets, MUFEX provides a seamless registration and login process akin to Web2.0, eliminating the need for mnemonic phrases or private keys, all while guaranteeing the security of personal assets. MUFEX offers a trading experience similar to traditional centralized exchanges and employs an innovative MLP liquidity pool to minimize slippage, thereby enabling precise and unparalleled trading opportunities. By championing chat2Trade, MUFEX aims to make trading ubiquitous, supporting the widespread adoption of Web3. The platform introduces an industry-leading alliance system, surpassing conventional norms, and providing excellent customer service.

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