Next-Level Hackathon Judging: MetaScore Integration on BeWater Promises Instant Code Quality Insights

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MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs


MetaTrust Labs' intelligent contract rating tool, MetaScore, has officially integrated with the BeWater hackathon platform.

MetaTrust Labs' groundbreaking intelligent contract rating software, MetaScore, has officially integrated with the BeWater hackathon platform, ushering in a new era of software quality assessment for all participants. This transformative collaboration combines the power of data-driven investment and hackathon judging, revolutionizing how software projects are evaluated.

MetaTrust Labs, a pioneering provider of cutting-edge data analysis AI security solutions, is thrilled to announce the integration of its flagship product, MetaScore, with the esteemed BeWater hackathon platform. This groundbreaking partnership brings together the precision of code analysis algorithms and the dynamism of hackathon competitions, unleashing a new paradigm in software quality evaluation.

MetaScore represents a major leap forward in intelligent contract rating software. Leveraging state-of-the-art code analysis algorithms, it thoroughly assesses the quality and security aspects of software projects. Now, with its seamless integration into the BeWater hackathon platform, all participants' projects will automatically generate code quality and security visualization reports, derived directly from their GitHub repositories. This innovative feature empowers communities and institutions to identify the most exceptional projects within seconds, facilitating efficient decision-making and propelling outstanding talent to the forefront. integration.jpeg

"We are tremendously excited to partner with BeWater and integrate MetaScore into their hackathon platform," said Andy, Senior Product Manager at MetaTrust Labs. "This collaboration empowers participants with invaluable insights into the quality and security of their software projects, enabling them to elevate their work and compete at the highest level. We firmly believe that this integration will revolutionize hackathon judging and drive the industry towards more data-driven evaluation practices."

BeWater stands as a renowned hackathon platform, known for fostering innovation and uniting talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. By integrating MetaScore, BeWater significantly enhances the hackathon experience, offering participants real-time feedback and objective assessments. This pivotal integration ushers in a new era of hackathon judging, where software quality evaluation is rooted in concrete data and sophisticated algorithms.

"We are thrilled to integrate MetaScore into our esteemed hackathon platform," said BeWater team. "MetaTrust Labs' expertise in data analysis and code evaluation perfectly aligns with our vision of promoting excellence in software development. With MetaScore, participants gain access to instant code quality and security reports, enabling them to refine their projects and gain recognition within the industry."

The partnership between MetaTrust Labs and BeWater sets the stage for a future where code-driven investment and hackathon judging become the standard. By harnessing the power of data analysis, these cutting-edge technologies offer participants and evaluators unparalleled insights into software projects, ensuring fair and efficient evaluations.

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